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Early Access Programs

Early access programs, (EAP's) are being implemented by an increasing number of pharmaceutical companies. SPM Pharma work directly with manufacturers to enable physicians and patients access to the latest treatments on the market prior to the commercial local launch of the medication.

Brazilian Market Access

With a strong commercial footprint and local presence, We've built a strong reputable position within the Brazilian pharmaceutical market putting us in a unique position to be able to work with companies providing access to an increasing pharmaceutical market.

Pharmaceutical Sourcing


Over the years our team has built outstanding relationships with manufacturers and suppliers globally, We’re able to assist in sourcing medication that you demand, Including new and existing pharmaceutical products.

Pharmaceutical Logistics

We do the international transport preserving the conservation characteristics of each medicine (controlled temperature or cold chain).
For this we only use logistic operators specialising in special drugs and biological materials.

Customs Clearance 

We provide advice for the customs clearance process when necessary.



We help to plan the next import after the beginning of the treatment to ensure no disruption within the supply whilst obeying the characteristic of each process.

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